Buchla Back In The USA

New company, new owners, new people      11/01/18

Buchla Back In The USA

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Just in from Buchla USA LLC - who have just completed the purchase of Buchla Musical Instruments from the previous owners and Australian company called Audio Supermarket PTY.

The new Buchla USA LLC is headed up by CEO Eric Fox - he's already involved in synthesizer retail, owning Foxtone Music, Black Market and is the US distributor for Dreadbox and Buchla. Good to know its someone with a relevant background, rather than a faceless Harvard biz graduate.

To ensure the new company stays on track, Eric has brought in Joel Davel as lead engineer - who worked with Don for over 20 years, additionally Dave Reilly also picked by Don himself to manufacture Buchla products in the past. Design and manufacture are to be located in the San Francisco bay area, historically the home of the Buchla where they were made in the 1960s.

In recent years the legendary Music Easel was back in limited production, but now with the changes, hopefully we will see some more of the Buchla legacy in production.

The company released this statement:

"With such an amazing legacy I am really excited about telling the story of Don and working closely with Joel and Dave to develop new products in the spirit of Don... and even revisiting/reimagining some of his designs that never actually made it out into the wild!" said Buchla U.S.A. CEO Eric Fox, about this historic purchase. "I hope to involve as many of the artists and people that inspired Don as possible, moving forward. We owe it to him and the generations of new users to give them a sense of what he was all about."

Buchla U.S.A. is committed to the continued production of high-quality historic synthesis/performance technology, a focus on and celebration of Don Buchla's legacy, and meeting the needs of Buchla customers.




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