Free Bias FX LE

US Propellerhead partners with Positive Grid to offer free amp and effects plug-in      09/01/18

Free Bias FX LE

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Propellerhead Software has announced that it is partnering with Positive Grid to offer Propellerhead account owners the Bias FX LE plugin for free as a special limited-time offer. Bias FX LE is a sample of Positive Grid's Bias FX Pro amp and effects plugin.

Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead Product Manager, told us, "We're thrilled to partner with Positive Grid and offer Bias FX LE for free. Bias FX is a great-sounding and versatile guitar plugin that will complement the Reason rack nicely."

Bias FX LE features three amps and six effects, including a '77 Silvertone (Clean), '69 Plexiglas (Crunch), and '92 Treadplate (High Gain), plus an essential set of effects including Treble Boost, six-band EQ, 808 OD stomp box, Chorus, plus digital delay and reverb pedals. 

Bias FX serves as a virtual pedalboard for your guitar rig with component-level modeling and a no-compromise approach to sound quality. Featuring all the latest and greatest algorithms from Positive Grid's industry-leading audio signal processing research, Bias FX provides highly detailed and authentic emulations of analog pedals and studio racks, as well as dual custom BIAS Amp Match models integration and dual signal chain processing. You can also share and download thousands of pedalboards on the cloud via the Positive Grid ToneCloud.

"Since Reason now supports VST plugins, adding BIAS FX to Reason's rack workflow will give guitar and bass players unlimited tone creativity," said Jaime Ruchman, Positive Grid Digital Marketing Director.

Propellerhead opened up Reason to support VSTs with the introduction of Reason 9.5 in June 2017. Since then, Propellerhead released Reason 10 in October 2017 – the biggest content update ever for Reason owners. Built on an award-winning legacy to make musical dreams a reality, Reason 10 features two massive brand-new synthesizers, three new live-sounding organic instrument devices, a top-notch acoustic piano, creative modulation device, and 3GB of cutting-edge drum loops and samples.

Pricing and Availability:
•    Bias FX LE is exclusively available for free from Propellerhead's Shop for a limited time. Click here to go to the Bias FX LE product page, click "Add to cart," and create a Propellerhead account or log-in to download the software.
•    No purchase is necessary to create a Propellerhead account.
•    Bias FX LE can be used in any VST supporting DAW.

All Propellerhead account owners can download Bias FX LE for free via the Propellerhead Shop. Offer ends January 31, 2018.

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