Bastl Kastl Version 1.5 Announced

Funky mini synth from Czech Republic      14/12/17

Buying Choices

We just love the way they pronounce Bastl Kastl, almost reason enough to buy one. Bastl Kastl 1.5 is a mini modular synthesizer priced at just €80.

Version 1.5 adds new features, including - micro USB power source, a new case, a new, improved sound core and new synthesis modes (including Helmhotz resonators) for a total of 6 modes.

Available to order now, priced at €80 Euros.



  • complex oscillator
  • 3 synthesis modes on the main output: phase modulation, noise mode, track & hold modulation
  • 3 more modes on the secondary OSC output: phase distortion, tonal noise mode, formant synthesis
  • PITCH control with offset and CV input with attenuator
  • TIMBRE control with offset and CV input with attenuator
  • WAVESHAPE control with offset and CV input
  • voltage controllable LFO with triangle and square outputs and reset input
  • stepped voltage generator with random, 8 step and 16 step loop mode
  • 2 I/O CV ports that can be routed to any patch point
  • the main output can drive headphones
  • 3x AA battery operation or USB power selectable by a switch
  • open source
  • possibility of exchanging different LFO and OSC chips
  • durable black & silver PCB enclosure



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