Koka's BlinkWheel - LED Mechanical Sequencer

LEDs and anode legs in a wheel formation triggers      16/11/17

Koka Nikoladze is a creative innovator who makes a variety of DIY music technology projects, you might recall his Stepper Miniature machine we featured in Sonic TALK 460, his latest project is the BlinkWheel which is:

"an electromechanical step sequencer controller that you program by inserting leds.

There is a small piece of wire attached to the moving arm. Whenever it touches an anode leg of inserted led, it blinks and triggers something. At the same time voltage drop is measured across that led, so different colour leds give different values, therefore can trigger different samples.

In a way, it is a monophonic, 96 step, up to 10 sample, variable speed, electromechanical step sequencer. In this video I'm using it to drive the main loop and play with it using three pedals. I will make a video about pedals later.

Many thanks to Kim for sharing his quiet stepper motor code. The arm is moved by a stepper motor. Normally they are loud, but with Kim's code it runs so quietly that it actually freaks me out sometimes.

This limited instrument provides so many creative possibilities that I'm actually thinking of putting together a one-hour show, using only the BlinkWheel."


Keep up with Koka's projects - http://nikoladze.eu/creations


Thanks to Leigh Kemp for the spot




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