Touch Screen Polyphonic Eurorack Sequencer

1010music's toolbox merges the best concepts of hardware and software sequencers      06/11/17

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Following fast on the heels of their synthbox module, 1010music has released toolbox. They say that this innovative new Eurorack sequencer merges the best concepts of hardware and software sequencers into one powerful, new sequencer module.

A spokesperson told us, "An integrated touch screen provides a fast interface for switching and layering eight 32 note step and/or real time sequencers. Easily draw-in and define note pitches, durations, and gate values plus define modulation sources and destinations. Toolbox even delivers classic Piano Roll editing on Eurorack! Hard-wired CV inputs, outputs and external clock or MIDI sync let you easily interface and drive all your Eurorack modules. toolbox tames the wildest Eurorack rigs and integrates with bitbox, fxbox and synthbox to provide one, easily controlled system designed for maximum creativity."


4 Rhythm Sequencers
-      1-32 steps
-      Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
-      Available internally and through dedicated gate output
-      Can serve as trigger for Note sequencers
4 Polyphonic Note Sequencers, each with the following independent controls
-      1-32 steps per sequence
-      Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
-      Note duration for all events
-      MIDI Channel
-      MIDI Port
-      Transposition in semitones with optional quantize to scale
Piano Roll editing with fast, touch screen interface
Sequencer Output via dedicated CV+Gate output and MIDI
Clock source selectable via internal, external, & rhythm sequencers
4 Function Generators
-      3 LFOs with standard waveforms
-      1 Bar sequencer
-      Free running or synchronized to master beat clock
-      Input serves as source for recording sequences live or via step entry
-      Output transmits gates and controls to other devices
CV inputs
-      Serves as clock sources for gate and note sequencers
-      Also can be used as modulators for sequence step count, step length, transposition, etc.
microSD card support for saving and loading sequences
26 HP Eurorack compatible. +12V: 350mA, -12V: 0mA, 5V: 0mA

Pricing and Availability:
New toolbox units can be purchased for $599.95 directly from 1010music or through a network of dealers.

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