New Sequencing Tools For Ableton Live

K-Devices' MOOR and Twistor allow a unique approach to sequencing instruments and effects      01/11/17

New Sequencing Tools For Ableton Live

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K-Devices has released MOOR and Twistor, two new Max for Live devices that they say are the first in their Out Of Grid (OOG) series. They tell us that each provides an inventive, non-traditional approach to sequencing and controlling instruments and effects within Ableton Live music software environment. Here's their description...

MOOR is a unique mono sequencer that can generate MIDI note sequences with variable step and bar length, allowing the creation of virtually any time signature. It features step-length randomization with bar-length locking, variable step-value scrambling, and the ability to "bend" a sequence from linear to logarithmic to exponential playback. In addition MOOR allows for more advanced features such as clip export, advanced pitch randomize and step note triggering.

Describing MOOR, K-Devices founder Alessio Santini said, "We created MOOR for musicians looking to create sequences that don't have to be locked to the classic grid of 4, 8, or 16 steps per bar. Because you can create a bar length of any number of steps and set a different duration for each step, the rhythmic possibilities are vast and complex." 

Twistor is a phase-driven step-sequencer for modulating any parameter in any device or plug-in within Ableton Live. Like MOOR, it can create a bar length of any number of steps and set different durations for each step. Similarly, it can randomize the length of each step while maintaining the overall length of a sequence and "bend" playback from linear to logarithmic to exponential format.

Both MOOR and TWISTOR store up to four individual sequences that can be triggered using software automation or an external controller such as Ableton's Push controller.

"Together or individually, MOOR and Twistor will be mind-opening creative tools for musicians that are accustomed to traditional sequencers," said Alessio Santini. "We believe that thinking out of the box and outside the grid is always a good thing as far as making music goes."

Pricing and Availability:
MOOR 29€  ($34 US)
Twistor 19€  ($22 US)
Bundle MOOR+Twistor 39€  ($45 US)

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