Podcast: Sonic TALK 509 - Latency Rocks - The Big Bird

Ozone 8, Machine Learning, Reon Driftboxes      12/10/17

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79:19 mins


We start with the new iZotope Ozone 8 mastering software, AI and machine learning and what we'd like to see from it, Ableton Live going 64-bit only, Reon Driftboxes, Rich spots a Big Bird, The Academy using latency for a live performance looping, Gaz has a Kordbot, have you seen Bladerunner 2049 yet?
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Notes thanks to Marc the Darc:
5:12 - iZotope Ozone 8 & Neutron 2
15:32 - iZotope Contest
16:35 - What is mastering?
19:51 - Machine assistance & AI
42:36 - Reon Driftboxes
49:52 - Wildlife coverage (here's the Big Bird)
52:36 - Ableton going 64-bit only
59:22 - The Academic live looping
1:06:26 - Wavejunction plug
1:07:23 - Isla Instruments Kordbot
1:12:33 - Have you seen Blade Runner 2049?
1:15:55 - Closing remarks & Goodbyes

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