Synthfest 2017: Korg UK Debut Reon Driftboxes Ahead of Distribution

Aiming to bring them to the UK      09/10/17
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As Ian from Korg said at the time, information on the Reon Driftboxes are hard to find any information on, though you may recall Roland had a brief association with them back in 2015, it didn't seem to bear much fruit.

Korg UK also have a history of distributing 3rd party products, and chose Synthfest to display the range of analog Driftboxes from Reon at Synthfest to gauge interest. It looked like there was plenty of that.

The Driftboxes are made by a boutique Japanese manufacturer and offer a range of products, ranging from analog synth voices, to CV sequencer and a programmable mixer.

Each appears to have a significant amount of features per square inch, coupled with plenty of connectivity and analogue architecture. From what we heard of the demo, the VCOs sound pretty hefty. The manufacturer is through-hole, with Curtis and SSM filter chips.

The Driftbox R - mini analog synthesizer with 2 VCOs, 24dB low pass filter, AD/ADR envelope, with plenty of connectivity and flexible modulation.

Driftbox SE - 4 voice paraphonic synth with simillar flexible routing (4 voices over MIDI) 12dB Lowpass filter featuring an interesting joystick control .

Driftbox W - based on the R, but with joystick control over volume and pitch of each OSC and the filter. It also features a simple delay effect.

Driftbox C - audio or CV mixer (switchable) with 8 memories for recall of either volume or CV levels.

Driftbox J sequencer, using joysticks to program the 8 steps of CV and VCA with 8 memories.

Final pricing and details to be announced, Korg UK are sorting out the details for importing, certification and giving Reon time to scale up for demand.

Keep your eyes peeled, Korg aim to have them coming in early next year. Final pricing TBC, but we did see that the Driftbox R was to be around £429


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