Synthfest 2017: iConnectivity PlayAudio12 Audio Interface Failover System

Seamless audio and MIDI switchover between computers      09/10/17
    MP4 15:43 mins    

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Last week the iConnectivity PlayAudio12 auto failover system for live redundancy was released. You may wonder what the big deal is about this, but if you work live and need an audio interface, then its pretty important. The PlayAudio12, features a 10 output USB audio interface together with a USB host (up to 8 class compliant devices), which can be MIDI interfaces, keyboards or controllers, plus an RTP Midi (network MIDI) port for longer runs and additional four MIDI ports.

Two computers can be connected, and using a tone based system - there's a hidden input which recieves a tone from the master computer which is monitored - this drops and the second computer - this will be running a clone of your master session can be auto switched into use in a matter of milliseconds.

Applications can be for live playback fo supporting backing tracks, or just the computer based keyboard rig running live VSTs or AU plug-ins or whatever. As long as both connected computers are the same, the switch can be seamless. Speak to anyone working live with computers and you'll have heard of a moment, where it all went pear-shaped. PlayAudio12 should prevent this.

Audio switching failover systems are available, but these generally cost significantly more than the $600 price tag the PlayAudio12 is going to cost. Its also much more complex to handle MIDI failover in this type of setup. The PlayAudio12 handles both.

True it's somewhat niche, but so far, many people we've spoken to who need this kind of thing are getting a bit excited.



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