iZotopes Ozone 8 mastering Just Got Really Smart

Tons of new features and plug-in linking      05/10/17

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iZotope Ozone has been a go to mastering solution since its first release, winning many software awards for its innovative technology over the years. Ozone 8 is now here in Elements, Standard and Advanced versions, and adds several new features:

Master Assistant (Standard, Advanced)
Analyzes the sonic profile of your audio and suggests a starting point for the signal chain, settings and loudness based on the end requirement.

Tonal Balance Control (Advanced)
An analysis tool that create a visual reference against tracks you choose, using iZotopes's inter plug-in communication you can alter the settings of other Ozone 8 or Neutron 2's EQ to match your goal.

Track Referencing (Standard and Advanced)
A/B your master against reference tracks (up to 10) directly from within Ozone8 either plug-in or standalone.

Spectral Shaping (Advanced)
Variable bands of spectral shaping for tone and transients, either broad bands or surgically tuned ranges within the audio.

There are also numerous improvements to existing features of Ozone - for the full information, visit the Ozone8 pages at iZotope.com

Available at a discount across all versions till October 31st 2017: Elements $99 from $129, Standard $199 from $249, Advanced $299 from $499.

Also available as part of the O8N2 bundle - With Neutron2 at $499 from $399


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