Classic Console Emulation

US SKnote releases Ch5 channel strip with mic pre, EQ and compressor      22/09/17

SKnote says that their new Ch5 channel strip is modelled after one of the most classic consoles around.


  • Mic channel. Character. Smooth Hipass and Lowpass.
  • Four bands of "discrete" EQ for classic sound. "Proportional Q".
  • Vintage characterful compressor. Aggressive where needed. "All Buttons In" mode included.
  • Available as VST, AU, AAX native and DSP for 32 and 64 bit, Windows and Mac systems.
  • Runs on Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles, too. All formats included.
  • Useful "Bypass All" button. Bypasses all instances at once fast mix comparison

Pricing and Availability:

More information:


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