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Unfiltered Audio SpecOps features 36 spectral effects      19/09/17

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Unfiltered Audio tells us that they have introduced a new way to slice, dice, mangle and mix your audio using the power of spectral processing. They say that SpecOps analyzes and splits sounds into thousands of 'bins' that can then be isolated and processed by effects that boost, compress, saturate, decapitate, and glitch with extreme precision.

A spokesperson said, "Use it to for unique sound effects, spectral synthesis, or for solving everyday mix problems.SpecOps is dozens of plugins in one. Inside its easy-to-use interface is a jam-packed armory containing 36 diverse and flexible spectral effects, ranging from subtle to extreme. How you use these potent tools is truly limited only by your creative imagination: transform synthesizer presets with new sonic qualities, add throbbing grunge to drum loops, fatten up instrument tracks, delicately clarify full mixes, or decimate organic instruments and vocals beyond recognition to create one-of-a-kind special effects."

Among the SpecOps's features:

  • Powerful, multi-faceted processing has wide-ranging uses in music production, sound design and live performance
  • 36 spectral effects can be applied--three at a time--to different frequency ranges with extremely high resolution
  • Spectral effects include filters, amplitude manipulators, pitch and frequency shifters, audio freezers, data compressors, glitchy processors and a clipper--each of which can act on a different, independently adjustable frequency band
  • Additional wideband processors--two pitch shifters, a frequency shifter and Freeze effect--optionally process input signal before spectral effects are applied


Pricing and Availability:
$89 until October 20th (regular price $129)

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