Patch CAD - Patchbay Labelling System

Design and print your patchbay labels      05/09/17

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We've all been there, trying to create neat labels for a patchbay, you can never quite get the spacing right, cutting the label to the right size is fiddly. All a bit of a faff.

PatchCAD solves that problem, with a template driven approach, its a bit like using a simple spreadsheet, with font size, style and colour options you can create your own custom patchbay labels. With loads of templates covering TT (bantam type), XLR, Jacks, BNC spacings and more, you should be able to find the template to suit your needs, or create your own.

Printouts have cutting guides to ensure a good fit.

Sadly its only PC for now, but the good news is that its only £9.99






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