Analog Monosynth With 16-Step Sequencer

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WaveG Monophonic Analog Synthesizer / Step Sequencer

Andrew Jones is raising funds for WaveG Monophonic Analog Synthesizer / Step Sequencer on Kickstarter! An exciting, new, easy-to-use Analog Monophonic Synthesizer and 16 Step Digital Sequencer.



Andrew Jones of Waveglyde, based in Doncaster, UK, has started a Kickstarter campaign for the WaveG Monophonic Analog Synthesizer / Step Sequencer. He's looking for full funding of £5000 by Friday September 29th, 2017 to get the project started.

The Wave G Synth / Step Sequencer System features:-

A Classic Analog Subtractive Synthesis sound architecture with

  • Analog signal path starting from it's digitally controlled analog oscillator (DCO) via 5 input Source Mixer (LM348 based)
  • 2 Pole 12dB per Octave State Variable Low Pass VCF (LM13700)
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (LM13700)
  • 5 simultaneous source mixer waveforms – Ramp, Pulse Width Modulation, Noise*, Sub Oscillator and an External Input
  • *Noise is activated/deactivated when LFO is triggered for more versatility
  • 4 Stage mixed signal Envelope Generator with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release controls. The envelope generators attack phase does not reset to the beginning when notes are rapidly played, but follows the charge / discharge characteristics of a capacitor
  • Modulation Generator with Sample and Hold function. LFO with Ramp, Reverse Ramp, Triangle, Sine, Square and Random Waveforms with one shot or continuous activation
  • MIDI IN, Pitch CV In, Pitch CV Out, Gate In, Gate Out, Filter CV In, VCA CV In ( Synth section)
  • Note Glide (portamento)
  • Accent (velocity sensitive) and Glide Control via MIDI
  • Gate and Multi-trigger control of envelope, high note priority
  • 16 Step Digital Sequencer with Potentiometer Input for fast changes of note and parameter values and 16 way keymatrix for additional functions such as:- Note length, accent, glide, MIDI tempo control etc.
  • MIDI Out, MIDI Tempo Clock In, Gate In, Gate Out, Pitch CV Out
  • MIDI Out sends Note Glide and Accent commands
  • MIDI (Musical Intrument Digital Interface) is via the standard 5 pin DIN socket
  • Separate Heaphones Output, Line Output and External Instrument Input jacks via 1/4 inch (6.35mm) diameter.
  • Pitch CV Out, Gate In, Gate Out, Filter CV In, VCA CV In jacks are 3.5mm diameter.
  • Overdrive circuits located in the VCF, Post VCF and in the final output stages of the output amplifier circuits for added harmonics.

Pricing and Availability:
Currently available as an 'Early Bird Special' for £250. See kickstarter page for full range of options.

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