Korg Revives The Mono/Poly In iOS Form

iMono/Poly iPad/iPhone app completely reproduces all features of the original      24/08/17

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The Mono/Poly analog synthesizer appeared in 1981 at the same time as the Polysix. Not only was it a fat-sounding four-VCO monophonic synthesizer, it featured a revolutionary design that allowed it to also be used as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer. That iconic 4VCO synthesizer is now reborn in iOS format as the KORG iMono/Poly and as a Korg Gadget - Montpellier.

Korg tells us that the iPad/iPhone app completely reproduces all features of the original Mono/Poly. They say that four VCOs and a rich array of modulation allow a wide scope of detailed sound design. New functionality such as two multi-effects units and eight virtual patches are also provided.

In addition, 128 of the latest preset sounds that fully exploit the unique functions of iMono/Poly are built in. A sound bank containing an additional 128 sounds is also available as an in-app purchase.

Korg says that although iMono/Poly provides a vast number of parameters, it's designed with a screen structure that provides quick and seamless access to all of them. With a single tap, you can rotate between the main synth & key assign screen and the virtual patch & effect screen (*). There's no need to open individual screens for specific functions, or to move back and forth between them.

* On the iPhone version, you can move by switching screens.

KORG Gadget for iOS has been updated to Version 3.3. When you install both apps, iMono/Poly appears as the "Montpellier" gadget within KORG Gadget (*). Korg says that this means that your KORG Gadget-based music production system can now enjoy the extraordinary potential of four VCOs and virtual patches.

* In the case of KORG Gadget for Mac, this is expected to be added in a future update.

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$19.99 at the app store

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