Mackie's Thump Gets A Complete Redesign

US Powered loudspeaker series will be available in an updated and expanded lineup      16/08/17

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Mackie has launched the all-new completely redesigned Thump Series Powered Loudspeakers - Thump12A, Thump15A, Thump12BST, Thump15BST and Thump18S. Here's their press release on the subject...

The new 13000W Thump Series delivers more power and reliability than ever, plus a host of convenient features like built-in mixers, speaker modes and much more. Totally new for the Thump Series are two Thump Boosted™ models, the 12" Thump12BST and 15" Thump15BST. Equipped with advanced digital mixers, wireless control, streaming, and linking capabilities, Thump Boosted offers more versatility and configuration options than ever before at such an affordable price.

"Redesigned from the ground up, the new Thump Series speakers are our most flexible and powerful Thumps ever," remarked John Boudreau, Mackie VP of Product Management. "With a choice of four full-range models, plus a companion subwoofer, it has never been easier to choose a Thump system that fits your needs and budget perfectly."

The Thump Series is equipped with custom-designed, high-output woofers and 1.4" titanium dome compression drivers plus an all-new ultra-efficient amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response™ technology and next-generation system protection. So when you need maximum performance and chest-pounding bass, Thump loudspeakers will always have the power on tap that you need.

The 1300W Thump12A and Thump15A feature a built-in 2-channel mixer equipped with Vita™ preamps and Wide-Z™ technology that can easily handle mics, instruments and line level signals without any additional equipment or adjustments. Plus, with four application-specific speaker modes, you can optimize the system for your needs at the push of a button.

Thump Boosted Advanced Powered Loudspeakers take Thump to a whole new level of versatility and control with the Thump12BST and Thump15BST models with advanced DSP, wireless control, linking, and streaming. They include a built-in 3-channel digital mixer that features two digitally controlled Vita+™ preamps with Wide-Z technology, 3-band EQ per channel with variable high-pass filters on Vita+ inputs, and six speaker modes. For convenient control and visibility, the back panel features a crystal clear, high-resolution color display showing channel metering, levels, EQ, and more.

With Thump Boosted, it is easier than ever to get your music heard. Just pair your Bluetooth® enabled device to a Thump Boosted speaker and stream music directly to your Thump system. In addition to back panel control, Thump Boosted gives you complete wireless control over everything using the Thump Connect™ app available for iOS and Android® devices. Quickly access levels, EQ, meters, and configuration. You can even save three memory presets to streamline setup at your next gig.

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology, Thump Boosted loudspeakers can wirelessly link directly to each other at up to 100 meters for music streaming applications plus give you wireless control over the entire system via the Thump Connect app. With options for stereo or dual-zone system configuration, Thump Boosted is an incredibly flexible music playback system that is up and running in minutes.

"Advanced DSP and wireless control in a PA system is now more attainable than ever with the new Thump series,"
says Boudreau, "Combined with the rock-solid amplifier design, acoustic tuning, and gig-friendly hardware, Thump Boosted is a huge leap in versatility and capability in an ultra-affordable powered loudspeaker system."

Thump Series loudspeakers continue to deliver class-leading performance and value with more flexibility and control than ever before. Whether you need the no-nonsense power and reliability of Thump12A and Thump15A or the advanced processing and wireless technology of Thump Boosted, the Thump series is ready to revolutionize the way you experience live sound.

Pricing and Availability:
The Mackie Thump Series includes the 12" Thump12A, 15" Thump15A, 12" Thump12BST, 15" Thump15BST, and the 18" Thump18S and will be available beginning in September. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $419.99 for the Thump12A, $489.99 for the Thump15A, $559.99 for the Thump12BST, $699.99 for the Thump15BST, and $879.99 for the Thump18S.

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