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US Soundiron's Ambius Prime features pads, ambiences, leads, pulses and acoustic textures      14/08/17

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Soundiron tells us  that Ambius Prime is the culmination of their atmospheric synthesis series, with a vast selection of hand-crafted sound-designed pads, ambiences, leads, pulses and acoustic textures. Here's the story in their own words...

This library is made for the free Kontakt Player (version 5.6.8) and works with Komplete Kontrol and all S-Series hardware. It features over 3,000 unique sounds sculpted from acoustic source recordings. And with our sophisticated mod engine, you can weave sources together into stunningly dynamic and inspiring synth patches to fit any genre. Check out the YouTube playlist for full walk-throughs and feature tutorials!

The main panel features 4 independent sound layers, XY Pad, quick modulator and filter menus, glide and arpeggiator systems to expand the already endless creative potential. Dive into the Mod Panel and tweak every parameter, or hit the Random button to instantly generate an infinite variety of new sonic possibilities. Fire up the FX rack panel to choose from dozens of DSP effects, including 119 custom real & FX convolution reverb IRs to shape your sound.

Ambius Prime includes over 3,000 sound sources that can be played as stand-alone synth patches or layered together, modulated, apeggiated, effected, mangled and warped. It's the perfect atmospheric texture farm for film and game composers and sound designers, and an extraordinarily powerful synthesis engine for electronic producers, sound artists and synth junkies.


  • 3,107 Samples
  • 9.1 GB Installed with lossless NCW compression (11.9 GB source wavs)
  • 100 factory presets
  • Thousands of sound sources, each a playable synth patch by itself
  • Made for Kontakt and Kontakt Player, version 5.6.8 or later.
  • Supports Native Instruments Komplete Kontakt and all S-Series hardware.
  • Requires OSX version 10.10 & later for Mac, Windows 7 & later for PC.

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Intro Sale Price: $119 (MSRP $149)

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