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Polymoog style virtual synth plug-in      07/08/17
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We're taking a look at the new PolyM virtual PolyMoog plug-in from XILS labs. They've made some really spectacular instruments in the past - the PolyKB sounded really good.

In this new format - no talking just sounds, DivKid takes a look at the the PolyM for us.

Here's what he had to say about the instrument:

It's been easy to create a range of polyphonic synth tones with the PolyM from xils lab. The dual filters, split layers and resonator make it a powerful tool for sculpting synth sounds.

The oscillators while basic (only offering saw, square or a mixed saw/square) provide a nice weight for bass sounds or rich sustained pads.

I found the envelopes to be snappy enough for percussive plucks and arpeggios that play nicely into the on board FX. The on board FX offer the chance to sculpt some ambience and space around the synth tones but found them a little basic and lacking in some tonal shaping.

The reverb for example has damping which helps to tame the decay trail and top end but found it wanting a tone control to cut out some of the low end. The delay also lacks any form of tone control and with the quality of sounds available I'd have loved to see a filter in the delay feedback path to create lush washes of echo that get darker as they fade away.

The VCF Drive and option to push the filter emphasis into oscillation provided further sculpting sounds that seem to hint at multiple layers running at the same time. The PolyM left my ears happy with a sense of rich analogue warmth and weight.

PolyM is available now $149 (check site for offers), for AU/VST, AAX and RTAS for Mac and Windows, and uses iLok or eLicenser copy protection. Both of which can use USB hardware key or software license.




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