Moog Analog Bass Synth Updated

US Minitaur firmware v2.2.0 sees added features and panel control changes      24/07/17

Moog Analog Bass Synth Updated

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Moog has released a new firmware update (v2.2.0) for their Minitaur synth, adding LFO modes and more. Here's a full list of the changes...

• Added RPN 2 Coarse Tuning support (-64 to +63 semitones)
• Added LFO modes: Square, Ramp, Saw, Sample/Hold, Filter EG
• Added VCO2 Hard Sync
• Added "VCO 2 Only" option for LFO-to-VCO pitch modulation.

Additional shifted panel controls
• Hold GLIDE + turn LFO RATE knob to set LFO Waveform (Tri, Sqr, Saw, Ramp, S/H, Filter EG).
• Hold GLIDE + turn VCO 2 LVL knob to turn VCO 2 Hard Sync on or off.
• Hold GLIDE + turn VCO LFO AMT knob to set LFO "VCO2 Only" (Off or On).
• Hold GLIDE + turn FILTER ATTACK knob to set Filter EG Delay Time (0ms to 10s).
• Hold GLIDE + turn GLIDE knob to set global Top Octave Wrap behavior (Off or On).
• Fixed LFO KB Reset when LFO Midi Sync is active
• Fixed Release switch response to editor when in independent decay/release
• Restore edited preset if saving is initiated on the hardware, preset location is changed,
and then save is canceled
• Last received MIDI mod wheel value persists, when turning "load preset mod wheel" on/off.
• Improved LFO MIDI Sync
• Re-mapping CV inputs restores preset value for previously-mapped parameter .
• Removed internal pitch-CV offset on boot ("cv start note" is now 0; was 20 -- can also set a
custom CV start note via sysex F0 04 08 23 18 00 nn F7, where nn = start note in hex)
• Pitch-CV input re-scaled to full range when mapped to parameters other than Pitch-CV
• Wrap top octave fix, for small VCO2 detuning values
• Filter EG delay time range set 0 to 10 seconds
• Glide time restored after Note Calibration
• Minitaur no longer adds a tilde (~) after preset name, when saving on the hardware

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Free update for Minitaur users.

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