Ian Boddy And The Serge Triple Filter

More sonic exploration      18/07/17

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Ian Boddy (who you may know from our recent live stream of his gig at Cymru Beats with Nigel Mullaney) has been posting more  from his electronic music studio. This time its some Serge action:

Patch using all 3 flavours of Serge filter namely the Variable Slope VCF, Variable Bandwidth VCF & Variable Q VCF (2 of the latter). Using 4 x VCO's tuned to a 4 part chord which are being cross faded in 2 pairs these are then sent through the 3 different Serge filters which are being modulated via the DUSG & DTG. Starting with slow sweeps things eventually get crazy when the modulation speeds are taken into audio rates. Effects from Serge Wilson & Moogerfooger Analog Delays.

He also posted a rather lovely poly patch from the same system:

Ian has a tasty collection of analogue gear which is in daily use as he's an accomplished composer - for De Wolfe Music.



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