Sonic LAB Presentation: The Big Elektron Digitakt Video

Cenk shows us what it can do      17/07/17
    MP4 38:48 mins    

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First things first, apologies for not having this sooner, holidays and schedule clashes prevented us from that, but Cenk did come over to gives us a good look at the Elektron Digitakt. He used it as a festival gig before he joined us - its a solid part of his own live rig - he performs as Dataline.

Also, thanks for the questions you left on our Digitakt preview video, we hope we've addressed most if not all of your questions.

We first have a quick overview, then get into the deeper functions: sampling, advanced parameter locking and such like, MIDI was also a major area for questions.

In brief, MIDI sequencing is monophonic, but you can stack and additional three notes per step, for playing chords, there are 8 MIDI tracks. Each MIDI track also has up to 8 CC parameters which can also be automated via the sequencer, as well as program changes send to external gear. Perhaps the most interesting feature is also the ability to use an LFO per track to modulate CC changes too.

Its not all roses, no song mode, though this is something they are considering, its also not currently possible to back up the internal sample memory - this one needs sorting out ASAP and I know thats also on the list. Processing of the live input would also make sense, perhaps they could introduce a special machine that would work in one of the audio tracks, that means you could apply effects and real-time processing on the live input.

One thing that is clear, if you ask, it will give priority to the features likely to come. Best place to do that is over at

I should point out, that the Digitakt does sound really good, the 400+ included sounds are more than enough to make outstanding beats  - the synthesis processing while of course also digital sounds very musical. Seeing Cenk work his magic using this machine does inspire.

Digitakt is priced at £659/€769/$679




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