Brighton Modular Meet 2017: Soulsby Synthesizers - OSCIDRUM

US New software for the Oscitron, turns it into an 8-bit drum machine      05/07/17

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Now here at Sonicstate we try our hardest at the shows to bring you all the latest news, however this one seemed slip past us at Superbooth...

The Oscidrum from Soulsby Synthesizers is an alternate software for the Oscitron oscillator, turning it into an 8-bit drum machine. This is an 8 part, 16 step drum machine with programmable rhythms and two banks of sounds.

Each 8-bit sample has independant volume, pitch, length and delay fx parameters, the sample rate of each sample can also be controlled locally or via the V/oct input.

For more info visit Soulsby Synthesizers

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