PreSonus Control Apps For Android

Free applications provide wireless multi-touch control over mixers and interfaces      30/06/17

PreSonus Control Apps For Android

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PreSonus is now shipping Android versions of three free applications that provide wireless control over some of the company's most popular products. All three new Android apps are based on PreSonus' UCNET protocol for fast, reliable network connectivity and remote control. Here's the details direct from Presonus...

Previously available for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®, PreSonus UC Surface provides complete multi-touch control of StudioLive® AI consoles, RML-series rack mixers, and Series III mixers, as well as offering preamp control for Studio 192-series and Quantum-series interfaces. With UC Surface, every control you need to mix a show or a studio project is under your fingertips exactly when you need it. The software maintains the same workflow with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad and supports iPad, Android, and Windows 8/10 multi-touch.

Already available for iPad, Studio One® Remote is also now available for Android tablets. Great as a "second screen" control surface in a workstation setup or as a flexible mobile remote for recording and mixing away from the computer, Studio One Remote provides wireless control of PreSonus' Studio One 3 Professional DAW for Mac and Windows. The app lets you manage Studio One's transport and mixer channel strips, track Macro Controls, powerful custom commands, and stock and third-party VST and AU plug-ins. Studio One Remote can control any copy of Studio One Professional running on the same network, enabling collaboration or creation of extended workspaces through control of one instance of Studio One from multiple instances of Studio One Remote on independent devices.

QMix®-UC, the latest version of PreSonus' groundbreaking aux (monitor) mix control software, provides direct control over the company's StudioLive® AI consoles, RML-series rack mixers, and Series III mixers and can also control Studio 192-series interfaces via a Mac or Windows computer running UC Surface. With QMix-UC, up to 16 musicians can simultaneously control their monitor mixes wirelessly from their mobile device. Previously available for iPhone® and iPod® touch, QMix-UC is also now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

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All three Android apps are now available for free download from Google Play.

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