The SynthFreq Needs Your Help

GoFundMe campaign hopes to deal with synth YouTuber's serious health issues      15/06/17

The SynthFreq Needs Your Help

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If you've ever watched The SynthFreq's videos you may be interested to know that a GoFundMe campaign has been started to help out with some health issues. Here's the statement from the page and a link to it...

Most of us in the synthesizer world have at one point or another come across Danielle Morales AKA TheSynthFreq's Youtube channel. It's full of the quirky demos, tips, and music of a woman that obviously loves her synths. What may not be as obvious because she doesn't make it clear in her videos is that she has some fairly serious, life long medical issues. Danielle is deaf-blind, and has been in and out of the hospital many times over the last few years, suffering through strokes that have left her partially paralyzed. Her Facebook feed is a story of endless struggle, yet I have never seen her ask for help or fish for sympathy, she takes it all in stride as best as she can. It is simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring to watch.

Last night she made a post on Facebook asking for advice on how to sell her gear, because during her most recent ICU stay she needed an emergency intubation... and during that process nearly all of her front teeth, top and bottom, were knocked out, and her insurance is refusing to cover the cost of dental prosthetics. She has described to me the way she looks now with no front teeth as "shocking". This is unacceptable. She absolutely should not have to trade her music for the ability to leave her house without appearing "shocking". I contacted her after seeing her for sale post to ask if she was comfortable with a fundraiser, and she is, so I ask you- my fellow synth nerds across the planet- if you have even a dollar to spare to help this ridiculously strong woman get some sense of normalcy back to her life without losing her music in the process, please help her out. 100% of whatever is collected will go straight to Danielle, I have assigned all financial control of this account to her. Also, if anyone reading this is a dentist/owns a dental lab/ has any relevant connections in the Austin, TX area and would be willing to donate professional services, please feel free to contact us.

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