Run SoundGrid Plug-Ins On The X32 Or M32

Waves opens pre-orders for the X-WSG I/O Card and the Impact Combo for X32 and M32 consoles      15/05/17

Run SoundGrid Plug-Ins On The X32 Or M32

Buying Choices

Waves Audio has opened pre-orders for the Waves X-WSG I/O Card and the Waves Impact Combo for X32 and M32 Consoles, offering the most affordable way to run SoundGrid-compatible plugins by Waves and other companies (compressors, EQs, limiters, reverbs, delays, feedback elimination tools and more) on your X32 or M32 mixer.  Here's the details in Waves' own words...

With the X-WSG I/O card and a SoundGrid DSP server, you can mix with award-winning, state-of-the-art SoundGrid audio plugins by Waves and with SoundGrid-compatible plugins by other companies, allowing you to dramatically improve your live sound. You can also soundcheck and capture multi-track recordings with plugins – all in extremely low latency.

The Waves X-WSG card enables you to connect your digital console to any Waves SoundGrid audio processing server via a single Ethernet cable. It also features clock Sync-over-Ethernet for syncing multiple mixers and performing digital splits. Together with a SoundGrid server and a Mac or PC, the Waves X-WSG I/O card gives you more control over your live sound – directly from your X32 or M32 console.

Waves X-WSG card features

  • Lets you run plugins in real time and super-low latency on X32 and M32 consoles
  • 32 I/O channels of audio
  • 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates
  • Clock Sync-over-Ethernet (SoE) for digital splits and audio networking
  • Redundancy and recovery options
  • Connects your console to the plugin processing power of SoundGrid servers
  • Compatible with standard computers and switches
  • Comes with the SoundGrid Studio Application for ASIO/Core Audio recording and playback

You can also get the X-WSG card as part of the Waves Impact Combo for X32 and M32 Consoles. This combo is the complete, affordable system for mixing live with SoundGrid-compatible plugins on your X32 or M32 mixer. It includes an SoundGrid Impact Server for processing your plugins, the X-WSG I/O card, six Waves plugins for live mixing and the Waves MultiRack plugin host application, as well as Ethernet cables and a network switch for connecting all of the combo's hardware components.

You can now take your live sound to the next level by easily connecting your X32 or M32 mixer to the power of SoundGrid plugin processing via Ethernet. Run the included EQ, compression, delay, reverb and bass enhancement plugins on your mixer – and if you want to add more plugins, you can also choose from hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins by Waves and other companies.

Waves Impact Combo features:

  • Mix, record and soundcheck with SoundGrid-compatible plugins
  • Designed for X32 and M32 live mixing consoles
  • Real-time, low-latency processing for any live show or event
  • Includes X-WSG I/O card, SoundGrid Impact DSP server, MultiRack host application, six Waves plugins, network switch & three Cat 6 Ethernet cables

Pricing and Availability:
The X-WSG I/O card and the Impact Combo for X32 and M32 Consoles are now available for pre-order. Both are shipping in June 2017.

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