Kenton's 8 Into 2 Intelligent MIDI Merge Ships

Newly available MERGE-8 makes managing multiple data streams simpler      04/05/17

Kenton's 8 Into 2 Intelligent MIDI Merge Ships

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Following its introduction at The NAMM Show 2017, MIDI solutions specialist Kenton has announced availability of its new MERGE-8, an eight-input intelligent MIDI merge unit designed, built, and assembled in the UK. Here's what they have to say about it...

MERGE-8 can work in two modes: first is a full eight-into-two merge, where all MIDI data received across the eight input ports is merged into two outputs (with both ports outputting the same data); second is a split mode, with two completely independent four-into-one merges. Mode is set with a recessed push button and indicated with a bicolour LED. MERGE-8 stores this setting in EEPROM and starts up in whichever state it was last in.

Featuring a 32-bit ARM microcontroller for super-fast MIDI processing, MERGE-8 can handle large amounts of data. It is intelligent in that it applies merging rules to process the MIDI data from the inputs in the optimal way.

MERGE-8 is housed in a robust brushed aluminium case, measuring 155 x 80 x 35mm and weighing just 220g. With the famous Kenton build quality and reliability, MERGE-8 is able to withstand the knocks of a life on the road as part of a large keyboard rig, yet it is just as at home in the studio... powered from an included region-appropriate AC adapter -- just fit and forget.

Pricing and Availability:
MERGE-8 can be purchased from dealers or directly from Kenton for £112.50 GBP (excluding tax and shipping)

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