4-Voice Wooden Synth A Baby Could Play

Primatone is a polyphonic 32-Bit Digital Synthesizer with wooden touch bars      02/05/17

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Here's an innovative use of trees... The Primatone is a new polyphonic synth from from SYNTHFARM that its designer/builder, Aaron B, describes as a musical / non-musical instrument (with knobs) that excels in prepared performance and improvised performance of experimental note groupings. All Primatones are hand-made one-at-a-time by Aaron at his Missouri Synth Lab and WoodShop. He told us, "All Wood Used is Milled from Naturally Fallen Logs, Hand Selected from my own Magical Woods Transformed from Bark Covered Limbs to Usable Rectangular Stock using a Milling method I like to call Rough Riding. Therefore, Wood Selection Varies Drastically from Synth to Synth A Unique Contrast of Tree Species and Colors for each Unit"

Here's the full details from Aaron's Etsy webpage:

From Heavenly Heavy -Long and Low- Drones to -Strange High and Dissonant- Plucked Melodies, The Primatone achieves this Spectrum of Sound Through the Control of Basic and Powerful Synthesis Elements

-Operation of the Primatone Synthesizer is Super Simple:

The 6 Wooden Touch Bars across the Instrument are Super Touch Sensitive

The 4 Touch Bars to the Right are the -PLAY- Bars. These act similar to Piano Keys, Musical Notes are Triggered when the Bars are Touched, Tapped, Pressed, or Played.
Here is where things start to get a bit Unique: Unlike a Piano, Each of these 4 PLAY Bars can be Tuned Independently. Each Bar "Holds" its very own Pitch or Frequency

The Bars are Tuned -Separately- using the TUNING Bars to the Left

To Change the Tuning or Frequency/Pitch of a Bar, Just Tap or Press that Bar while also Tapping or Pressing one of the Tuning Bars on the Left

Tuning Bar on the Far Left makes the Pitch Go Down, the Other Tuning Bar makes the Pitch go Up

Once you find the Pitch you want, Just stop Tapping or Pressing the Tuning Bars. You can Tune 1 Bar at a Time, or Multiple Bars at the Same Time

Tuning all 4 Bars at once, while also Performing can Result in Very Interesting Chordal Swirls and Unexpected Magical New Groupings of Notes

-WaveForm Selection- or "Tone Selection" is also achieved using the Wooden Touch Bars

To Change the WaveForm, Press -BOTH- TUNING Bars at the Same Time while Also Tapping any Play Bar to the Right.

It Does Not Matter which of the Play Bars you Press, They all will perform the Same Action:Advance you to the Next WaveForm or "Sound" in the Pool of WaveForms Inside

In the Demonstration Video, I Change the WaveForm by Simply Just Pressing All the Bars at Once. It is a very Fun Gestural Action to Perform and Designed to be Easy Enough for Babies

The Primatone is Loaded with a Set of 100 WaveForms that were carefully Designed and Created Especially for the Device

The -KNOB- on the Bottom of the Primatone Controls the - Note Length or Note (Duration) - This Function is Usually called Decay-Time or Release-Time on Most Synthesizers. The Decay-Time Range goes from Millisecond, Short, Stabbing Blips/Chirps, all the way up to Long-Held Sustains of 7 Seconds.

The -KNOB- on Top is a Master Volume Control

Units Purchased for Children / Infants / Babies can have their Master Volumes Capped at a Safe Maximum Volume Level. This attempts to Eliminate the Risk of Hearing Damage when using with HeadPhones or Ear Buds.

  • Powered by a 32-Bit Cortex M-4 Processor, The Primatone produces Crisp and Noiseless Digital Audio at a 44.1khz Sample Rate (CD Quality Sound) (16-Bit)
  • Specialized Internal Headphone Pre-Amp Outputs sound at Line-Level
  • Ready to be Plugged Safely into: Effect Pedals, Mixers, Audio Interfaces, Guitar Amps
  • Powered by 3xAA Batteries - Over 8 Hours of Operation Time at Full Volume
  • Output - 3.5mm (1/8inch) "HeadPhone" Jack Output
  • Big Green Clicky Style Power Button

Pricing and Availability:
Around £180 in the UK - See webpage for local pricing.

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