Soulsby Synths Superbooth Secrets

US Two new products announced      19/04/17

Soulsby Synths Superbooth Secrets

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Soulsby Synthesizers have been in touch to tell us that they will be at Superbooth 2017 in Berlin from 20th-22nd April and have some new products. Sonic State will be at Superbooth too, so watch out for our video coverage over the next few days. Meanwhile, here's the details of their new gear that Soulsby Synthesizers has supplied us with...


This is a new 2HP Eurorack module based on the Atmegatron Arpeggiator algorithm.

Features include:
• 16 Atmegatron patterns
• 16 User patterns
• MIDI input via mini-jack
• Chord generation via 2x V/Oct inputs
• Clock input
• V/Oct output
• Clock division settings
• Ping-pong mode

Although the AT-ARP is only 2HP, it contains a lot of powerful features and implements the full potential of the Atmegatron Arpeggiator algorithm.

Oscidrum software for Oscitron
This is an 8 part, 16 step drum machine for the Oscitron Eurorack module. The software will be available for free. The overlay and programmer cable (along with an Odytron overlay) will be available as an Accessories Pack for the Oscitron.

Oscidrum features includes:
• 8 drum samples in crunchy 8-bit 11kHz.
• Each instrument has volume, pitch, length and delay FX parameters. All bar the latter are controllable via CV.
• 8 user patterns (also saves instrument parameters)
• Engine sample rate controllable locally or via V/Oct input (so can play melodies using the drum sounds!)
• External reset and pattern select CV input
• Clock input and audio output
• Currently 2 banks of sounds available (this will increase in time)

Pricing and Availability:
The AT-ARP will be available in summer this year, price TBC, but around €99.
The Oscitron Accessories Pack will launch in May this year. Price €19.

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