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US IK Multimedia offers 7 Fendera amps for iPhone and iPad      13/04/17

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IK Multimedia has announced Fender Collection 2 for iOS, which they describe as the definitive collection joining classic amps from early 50s and mid 60s with their latest brothers from the brand new '57 Custom amp series.

A spokesperson told us, "Fender Collection 2 is now available for iPhone and iPad, bringing guitar players and producers worldwide the unmistakable, prestigious tone of some of Fender's most iconic amps ever created."

Here's the details in IK Multimedia's own words...

Fender Collection 2 for iOS brings seven of Fender's dream machines - some of the most toneful and genre-defining amps from the dawn of rock and beyond - to AmpliTube for iOS, providing spot-on recreations of the sought after '57 Custom series including: '57 Custom Champ®, '57 Custom Deluxe™, '57 Custom Twin-Amp™, and the '57 Custom Pro™; as well as three vintage models, namely an original Vintage '53 Fender Bassman®, a '57 Bandmaster™ and the iconic '65 Fender Super Reverb®. That unmistakable Fender Tone - the history of Rock on iOS.

The legendary amplifiers in Fender Collection 2 for iOS are an integral part of music history and have earned a reputation for delivering an extremely musical tone that fits in a broad range of genres. Famous for their beautiful clean tones, they deliver natural compression, wide dynamics and a deep and rich sound that has become an all-time favourite for thousands of players. Fender Collection 2 for iOS makes the unmatched character of Fender's "Tweeds" and more readily available on the player's device. Whether looking for shimmering crystal clean tones or that compressed ultra-harmonic laden overdrive sound of a saturated tube amp, Fender Collection 2 for iOS delivers.

Dynamic Interaction Modeling™
Fender Collection 2 for iOS also ushers in a completely new technology for delivering ultra-accurate sound and performance from analog gear on iOS  - IK's revolutionary Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ technology - which fully replicates the behaviour of every component in the circuit, all the way down to its quirkiest nuance and character in a non-linear, dynamic way. Not only has each component been meticulously modelled, but the influence and interactions that each has on the entire circuit has been faithfully recreated which ensures that the original tonal characteristics of each amplifier are precisely replicated to achieve the most musical and authentic experience possible.

Created for AmpliTube
Fender Collection 2 further enriches the professional range of amp and effect simulations currently available for AmpliTube for iOS with an incredibly powerful and versatile selection of superlative amplifier models that built the history of music. Users can also take advantage of AmpliTube's renowned tone-tweaking capabilities to achieve unique, hyper-realistic tones - all on their iPhones or iPads.

Plugging into a world of sound
With IK Multimedia's range of professional, portable interfaces playing with Fender 2 for AmpliTube for iOS is as simple as plugging into an amplifier. iRig Pro Duo, iRig PRO and iRig HD 2 are the latest generation of IK's high-quality digital interfaces that allow players to plug in and get pristine, pure sound quality from their iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC.

AmpliTube updates to 4.4
AmpliTube for iOS now offers even more free gear to provide players with a larger selection of effects and amp simulations right out of the box, for playing live or recording in the studio.

Newly available gear models are: Swell, Electric Flanger, Crusher, Dcomp, FeedBack and Phaser10 stompbox effects and British Copper 30TB, Vintage Metal Lead and 360 Bass amp models. AmpliTube 4.4 is a free update for all existing users, plus the Custom Shop and LE versions of AmpliTube for iPhone and the Custom Shop version of AmpliTube for iPad contain 6 new pieces of free gear!

Pricing and Availability:
Fender Collection 2 for iOS is available now as in-app purchase bundle or individual amp models from inside AmpliTube for iPhone or AmpliTube for iPad:

  • Single Amp models are available at $/€4.99 each
  • Fender Collection 2 Bundle (7 Amps with matching cabinets) is available at $/€19.99
  • Fender MAX Bundle (Fender Collection 1 + Fender Collection 2: a total of 12 amps with matching cabinets and 5 stompbox effects) can be purchased for $/€29.99

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