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Finger drumming and more for Android users      27/03/17

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Mixvibes has updated Remixlive to version 3 for the Android platform and have added finger drumming. Here's their press release with the full details...

The first iterations provided an intuitive way to make and remix music. With Remixlive 3.0, finger drumming, creating and playing loops is now available on all Android devices, turning the app into a software counterpart to music-making controllers.

Remixlive was designed to provide a workflow that would allow anyone to lay down musical ideas in the spur-of-the-moment. Whether remixing or creating a song from scratch, loops have provided a good gateway for experimenting with different sound combinations.

It soon became clear that loops would offer a greater potential with finger drumming. Including percussions and notes as one-shot samples, this mode makes possible the creation of original rhythmic patterns and arrangements, turning Remixlive into a fully-fledged instrument.

The option to record patterns brings loop-based music-making to new heights as it gives the opportunity to jam with a new set of original loops. With an overdub mode and an extra grid that you can fill with recorded patterns, the only boundary is the user's imagination.

This update takes advantage of a new quantize parameter: even with device latency, you can play right on time. Newly created patterns can also be snapped to the closest beat mark and played back as perfect-sounding loops. This, added to low-latency optimization, offers a smooth and effortless finger-drumming experience across all Android devices.

Brand new finger drumming mode

  • Now with an additional "Drum" grid alongside the existing "Loop" Grid.
  • Finger drum in real time using percussion and note samples.
  • Optimized for Android
  • Takes advantage of Android low-latency configuration.
  • Quantize to compensate for device latency & finger drum in rhythm.
  • Record original patterns
  • Record finger drumming sequences directly into the "Loop" grid.
  • Modify a pattern using the overdub mode of the pattern recording.


Finger drumming mode
• Brand new "Drum" grid with percussion and note samples.
• Pattern recording -- with overdub & metronome.
• Link (grouped) & Shock (exclusive) triggering of samples.
• Route each pad to a mixer line -- with its associated color.

Pro-sounding samples
• Grid: 24 pads on mobile, 48 on phablets & tablets.
• 96 samples per pack: 48 loops/FX and 48 drum/note samples.
• 40+ sample packs, including artist packs by Carl Cox & DJ Vadim, among others.
• Colored pads: 16 colors to customize your grid.


• Import your own samples in WAV, MP3, AAC, Ogg & MP4.
• Export & import packs between devices.
• Record your performance in high-quality M4A format.
• Share your recordings via email & SoundCloud.

Control everything in real time
• Live BPM control & Tap Tempo.
• Play in sync with any Ableton Link-compatible app.
• 6 live-controllable FX (Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb,etc.).
• 6 Beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2 bars.

Complete remix toolbox

• Full-fledged mixer: EQs, levels, filters & Mute/Solo on each channel.
• Edit each sample's Play mode, Quantize, Gain, Pan & Loop Division.
• Advanced sample editor: ADSR envelope, Transpose & Reverse.
• Record any sound or voice through the mic.

Pricing and Availability:
Remixlive for Android is available for free with In-App Payments.

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