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Studio Amplify releases KRFT for iOS      07/02/17

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Studio Amplify, previously known for the Noiz app, has released KRFT, which they describe as a new way to make music.

A spokesperson told us, "We're trying to revolutionize the way people make music and move away from the typical multi-track paradigm to a more inspiring workflow. Rather than using other people's instruments and apps, with KRFT you can build your own beautiful musical interfaces. You can make anything from a funky groove box to a finished track, and everything in-between."

Here's the official press release:

The multi-track paradigm popularised since the 1980s is often seen as the way to produce music using computers. Enter KRFT, a new app by award winning Studio Amplify, that challenges this: rather than creating a score from start to finish, the app provides a modular toolkit to create musical, jammable surfaces.

By combining a Loops, Fills, Dials, Effects, you can build your own musical "Surface" which can be played or jammed in real time. You can make expressive decisions on-the-fly and create dynamic compositions that would be difficult to achieve in typical music software. You can build anything from a funky groove box to a full composition, and everything in-between.

"We're trying to blur the boundaries between composition, arrangement and play to offer new creative processes and workflows", says Jonah, co-founder.

They look beautiful too - with an eye-catching colorful isometric style every surface look unique and exciting. Alex, co-founder tells us - "We've had a lot of experience in music production and we wanted to create something that fully utilised the touch screen and drew from modern design patterns."

KRFT feels like the logical next step after their popular NOIZ app (App of the day on Snapchat). Co-founder Alex Fox says "The most asked feature was "Can I make my own?". Technologically speaking, that was tough, but we like a challenge". And so KRFT was conceived.

Pricing and Availability:
KRFT is available at £2.99 (launch discount of 40%) on the Apple App Store.

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