NAMM 2017: Slate Digital's Virtual Recording Studio

US Hardware and software products working together to create an entire audio ecosystem      20/01/17

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Slate Digital says that they have just changed the audio recording landscape by announcing the release of the Virtual Recording Studio, which they describe as a suite of clever hardware and software products working together to create an entire audio ecosystem. You can get the lowdown from the video above.

A spokesperson told us, "More than two years in the making, the hardware products we're announcing have the potential to change the way that you think about producing music. Now you can have access to the authentic sound of professional recording studios right in your own control room, utilizing the new VRS-8 Virtual Analog Interface and ML-2 modeling microphone."

Here's what Slate Digital has to say about the two new hardware products...

The VRS-8 Virtual Analog Interface changes the playing field, by offering more pro features and technical advancements than any other interface in its class, and at a far lower cost. It features eight VMS Ultra Linear microphone preamps, mastering grade A/D and D/A converters, high-end circuit design featuring boutique op-amps, WIMA capacitors and discrete headphone amplifiers, and the lowest latency of any native solution (down to .7 ms at 96k!).

The ML-2 small-diaphragm modeling microphone is the newest member of the VMS family. Featuring the same ultra-flat and linear response as its larger sibling the ML-1, the ML-2 allows you to recreate the sound of nearly twenty microphones, including both dynamic and condenser emulations.

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