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New NOIZ music app makes the claim to turns music production on its head      03/01/17

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The developers of new music app NOIZ say that it  turns music production on its head. To demonstrate this they have posted the above video which they say shows how you can make a dance-floor hit in less than 10 minutes.

Here's the story in their own words...

Getting into music production is notoriously difficult. All that kit, all those buttons, music theory... such confusion! Enter NOIZ: the latest app from award-winning Studio Amplify. Founded by two producer-turned-programmer brothers who wanted to disrupt electronic music production, Studio Amplify aims to remove these barriers and make music creation more intuitive and expressive.

NOIZ turns the way we produce music on its head. Moving away from the typical static 'multi-track' approach such as GarageBand or Logic, NOIZ provides unique graphical interfaces dubbed 'Surfaces' that let players compose and jam out their music in real time. Leveraging their years of experience of music production, the brothers have constructed each Surface around a particular style of music. Using a combination of beats, loops, effects and other musical concepts, each interface exposes the DNA of a genre, whichcan then be re-interpreted and performed by the user. This embedded knowledge gives players an amazing head start for making electronic music and gives us mere mortals a shot at being the next superstar producer!

There is a range of styles of music to suit your mood from House to Dubstep to Trap. Each Surface is fully editable so you can go really deep: tweak sounds, tempos, grooves, melodies and more –there really are infinite possibilities to make it your own.

"NOIZ is not just aimed at those starting out," says Alex Fox, co-founder of Studio Amplify. "Even if you're a seasoned producer, NOIZ provides a really interesting new way to compose music. Having a starting point makes you write different music and the expression the Surfaces have is completely unique."

NOIZ is already gaining momentum with a vibrant community of music-makers of all levels showing off their latest crafting skills within the app, also showcased on The app's also built up some impressive accolades, from 'App of the day' on Snapchat and Mashable to the front page of Product Hunt.

Jonah Fox, co-founder, is excited about the possibilities: "We're gaining some great momentum. It's awesome to be able to seewhat users are creating and how people interact. In a future update you will be able to remix other users' tracks and create your own interfaces - that will be really interesting."

Pricing and Availability:
NOIZ is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. App is free but is expanded with in-app purchases.

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