Loudness Meter Plug-In With Auto Gain Staging

US HoRNet LU Meter aims to improve your gain staging and mixing      22/12/16

Loudness Meter Plug-In With Auto Gain Staging

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HoRNet tells us that the HoRNet LU Meter is a digital loudness meter with auto gain staging and grouping functions. They say that the handy and logic GUI hides an intelligent tool that will improve your gain staging and mixing.Here's the story in their own words

LU Meter is based on the concept of Loudness Units, a way of measuring audio that takes into consideration the human perception of sound so that the same level at different frequencies produces different reading on the meter.

HoRNet LU Meter implements the momentary reading from the EBU R128 standard and applies the concept of "auto gain" to that measurement type, making sure that the signal never exceeds the chosen LU level.

Since this meter measures loudness single peaks may exceed 0 dBFS when auto gain is applied, for this reason we added a safety "peak protection". If the gain applied brings the peaks above the chosen safety level, it's adjusted so that those peaks are the chosen value at maximum.

While the default calibration of the meter is set to -23LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale) as per EBU  R128 recommendation, the plugin allows you to change this reference so that you can aim for higher or lower levels depending on your needs.

A Loudness Units meter can help you better judge the level of your master or your single tracks as it will be perceived by the ear and so mix quickly and better.

HoRNet LU Meter comes equipped with our "auto gain" algorithm, this function lets you adjust automatically the gain of the track so that it's never louder than the chosen level.

Together with the grouping function this feature allow you to quickly gain-stage all your tracks or groups at once. Simply put LU meter on your tracks and assign them to the same group (you can copy the plugin once you have assigned the group to work even faster) then click on the "gain" butto in the group section and the "auto" button in the gain section. Auto gain will be applied to every instance of LU Meter and your tracks will be automatically adjusted.


  • LU Momentary meter spec. conformity
  • LU Peak hold
  • RED Blink clipping indicator
  • reference level settable from -60 to 0 LUFS
  • input gain from -30dB to +15dB
  • bar color freely selectable
  • Stereo automatic gain adjustment with 6 different settings
  • Peak protection between (no peak can exceed the set limit)
  • Auto Gain and meter setting can be set to whole group at once
  • Eight different assignable groups
  • Stereo display
  • Mac OS X (>=10.6 intel only) and Windows support
  • 64bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows
  • Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format

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4.99 Euros

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