Bastl Instruments Expands bitRanger

Two new boards, Synapsis and the bitBoard, for the patchable analog logic computer      07/12/16

Buying Choices

Bastl Instruments have two new add-on boards for the bitRanger: Synapsis and bitBoard.

The Synapsis is a 4x4 push-button matrix that offers performative control of the bitRanger.

The bitBoard is a breadboard add-on module that allows users to build custom circuits and user interfaces for the bitRanger.

Pricing and Availability:
Available at Noise Kitchen
Synapsis - available in 3 colors (black, green, orange): 25 eur
bitBoard: 10 eur
bitBoard Bundle (with 4 switches, 2 pots, 2 buttons): 25 eur

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