TipTop Audio QuantiZer Does A Lot More Than You Think

Custom scales, musical sketchpad, keyboard and yeah a quantizer      05/12/16

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TipTop Audio have just released the rather glamorous video for their new QuantiZer featuring the undeniably attractive talents and of actress and presumably keen synthesist Denise Luzzi. But that's just a distraction form the actual features of the new  Eurorack module. It features TipTop's advanced DSP processing of incoming voltages with negligible latency with a fader for performing extra processing - portamento, transposition, even playing notes itself. That is if you don't fancy using the on board 12 note keyboard with user programmable scales.


Tip Top QuantiZer

QuantiZer features:

  • Slider that can be set to play notes, add portamento to an incoming sequence, transpose a sequence with in an octave range or transpose a sequence with in 5 octave range.
  • 12 note keyboard can be set to play notes manually, add and subtract notes from scales, transpose a sequence as well as setup a variety of settings that define the quantizer behavior and sync with other modules.
  • Major and Minor keys built in
  • 24 user scales ready to be filled up with your own custom scales.
  • Built in sketch pad records and plays back keys entered manually on the keyboard and slider in sync with external clock and reset signal
  • Scale CV in can be set to switch between changing scales or transposing pitches using CV from sequencers.
  • Free run or Trigger mode
  • Precision temperature compensated 1V/Oct CV generation on output
  • Input ranges, +/-5V CV from LFOs, bi-polar envelopes and such, or 0-10V / 0-5V standard CV from sequencers.
  • Comes with free lipstick (actually, we made that up)

Available soon.



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