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Control Yourself is a performance control template for Liines Lemur on IPad and Android      29/11/16

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Control Yourself is a performance control template for Liines Lemur on IPad and Android. The designer has supplied us with a demo video and the following press release:

Control yourself Consists of 8 controller sliders easily configurable for any midi controller on any midi channel, once configured they can be stored along with their levels to any 1 of 64 scenes, each identical/ related group is designated a colour within the 64 scene grid for easy identification, the feedback, values and names all adopt this colour.

When a scene is selected the controller information stored within, it is then transmitted instantly, or, when identical/related scenes are selected morphed over periods from 1/4 bar to 32 bars, in sync with external clock or lemurs internal clock.

Scene sets can be arranged within the grid, the colour palate can be shifted for if desired. All this can be saved/ restored within the template. Then ultimately saved within the lemur system, under a new name.

Each controller can be named, and that name will appear even if that controller was later used in another or different scene, the names will be also saved when the template is saved within the lemur system.

It's also possible to pause a morph if you like the sound, by flipping back to the controller page were adjustments can be made and/or stored to a new scene.

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