First Ableton Link Integration On Android

Mixvibes announces cross-platform Ableton Link integration for Cross DJ & Remixlive      29/11/16

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Mixvibes has announced cross-platform Ableton Link integration for Cross DJ and Remixlive. Here's their press release with the full details...

Mixvibes releases new Android and Mac/PC versions that integrate Ableton Link. Mac, PC, Android and iOS users can now make music together by syncing Cross DJ and Remixlive over a simple WiFi connexion. In addition, desktop and Android products get many improvements, while Cross for Mac brings Syphon video routing.

Cross-platform integration
Ableton Link is a technology that syncs the beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live or any Link-enabled app over the same WiFi network. Previously available in Cross DJ Pro and Remixlive for iOS, it is now integrated in Mixvibes' Mac/PC and Android products. It allows anyone to:

  • Sync Cross DJ and/or Remixlive Mac/PC with the Android or iOS versions.
  • Sync any of those apps with Ableton Live.
  • Sync any of those apps with any other Link-compatible app.


All you need is a WiFi connection and 2 computers/devices with Remixlive or Cross DJ. All connected apps will then automatically play in sync across all devices.

Play together on all platforms
Your app, device or OS does not matter anymore. Just turn on Ableton Link and join the jam! It's:

  • Simple: enable Ableton Link with a single click.
  • Intuitive: anyone can join in and play, from beginners to experienced musicians.
  • Creative: use several apps at the same time to get that jam session feeling.

Ableton Link in Cross DJ and Remixlive takes DJing and live performance to the next level:

  • Sync your apps on several devices to play back to back with friends.
  • Use Remixlive to add extra loops over tracks playing in Cross DJ.
  • Dozens of apps have Ableton Link. Combine them with Cross DJ & Remixlive to unleash your creativity.

Syphon integration
The 64-bit version of Cross for Mac now integrates Syphon, a technology that sends the video output of one application to another in real time. You can, for example, create a video mix in Cross and at the same time use a second app to apply additional visual effects, or even map the output to a surface. To activate Syphon, go to settings and activate it in the Video tab.

Improvements & new mappings
Remixlive 1.3:

  • New Autopilot feature: loops are triggered automatically, either line by line or randomly.
  • New "All Stop" assignable command in mapping editor: when pressed, it resets the whole grid toff immediately.
  • You can now delete samples from the collection.
  • In VST host, it is now possible to record and playback a session (as a MIDI sequence).
  • New mappings: Novation Launchpad MK2, Akai APC Mini, Livid Instruments Base 2.


Meanwhile, Cross/Cross DJ 3.4 gets Pioneer DDJ-SB2 & Reloop Mixtour mappings.


Remixlive 2.1:

  • Import multiple samples at the same time and save time.
  • Full features pack: unlock all the features at once and save money.
  • Shop redesign: sample packs sorting and more.

Meanwhile, Cross DJ Pro 3.1 gets Android Nougat compatibility. And all versions come with the usual batch of bug squashes.

Pricing and Availability:

€4.99/ $4.99 for Cross DJ Pro 3.1 (Android Link not available on free version).

Remixlive 2.1 is available as a free Android app with In-App Payments.

€49 / $49 for Cross DJ 3.4, same price for Remixlive 1.3
€129 / $129 for Cross 3.4

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