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Faziolo used by Queen singer is sampled for Kontakt      24/11/16

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Described as Freddie Mercury's Fazioli, Wavesfactory tells us that Mercury is a grand piano sample library for Kontakt Player featuring a Fazioli F228 recorded at Metropolis Studios in London.

Here's the story in Wavesfactory's own words...

Fazioli pianos pursuit perfection. They're sophistically delicate but with a very rich low-end and a lot of body resonance. Mercury was recorded by Grammy Award winning Paul B. Norris with 5 mic positions from ultra-close to room sound for maximum versatility. It sounds warm and very emotional. Perfect for intimate low-key tracks, but it's also very punchy and aggressive on high velocities. A combination that you don't find usually on piano libraries.
It has been captured with so much detail and depth that you can make it sound in a million different ways and still sound natural, but it will always retain the character. Mercury can be a big monster library or light-weighted since one microphone only uses ~300MB of RAM. With realism in mind and all the possible features that we could think of including soft pedalling, una corda, sostenuto, sympathetic resonance, microtuning...
Mercury will fit in every situation perfectly, and it will be an honour to know that it has become your go-to piano library.

Jesús Ginard from Wavesfactory had this to say, "This is not a regular sample library. I can't really express how I feel right now since I have to explain in a few single words the work that I've done during a whole year. I'll start from the beginning.

I've been a Queen fan since I was a little boy. I remember listening to the Made In Heaven album in a cassette player and being absolutely amazed by it. That album changed my musical perspective totally. Fast-forward to 2014, I see that Metropolis Studios uploads a picture of a nice Fazioli piano in their studios saying "the Freddie Mercury piano". I know Queen did record their last albums there, so I asked: "Is this a regular piano named Freddie Mercury or this was actually his piano?". They answered "this was his piano".

November 2015, we travel to London to sample the Freddie Mercury's Fazioli. It was a dream come true. A dream that I didn't want it to become a nightmare. It was like a mystical experience.

Apart from the fact this was Freddie's, the studio and the sound was really magical. If done well, this could be the perfect piano library, not only for Queen fans, of course!

Once at home, I put as much care to the editing, design and scripting process as I was capable. Everything needed to perfect, the library couldn't just score a 7/10. It had to be a 10/10.

The beta testing phase begun and I was amazed to see again and again this words:
"Man, this has become my go-to piano library from day 1. It's not like playing a sample library, it's like playing a real piano! How did you do that?".

I have been waiting for this moment for a whole year. Now it's time that you play with it, and I hope that you like it as much as we do.

This is not a regular sample library, this is bigger."

Pricing and Availability:
€ 99.00 intro price (regular price will be € 149.00 from December 1st)

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