Sample Mangling with the Synthstrom Audible Deluge

Most promising demo yet      15/11/16

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The Synthsrom Audible Deluge certainly looks promising, as well as the now familiar grid payout of 16X8 RGB pads, a second column 2X8 for additional functions, plus the top control section for working with the on board synth and sample engine (64MB on board RAM) featuring attractive knurled knobs - it looks very appealing, though from what we've heard so far, it seems to be the sample engine thats the most promising.

Synthstrom Audible are a New Zealand based company (we hope everyone's ok out there guys). They've just released some more video demos of what the Deluge can do. In this one there's some pretty intense sample manipulation going on which appears to take the instrument into some interesting synthesis possibilities using a single snare sample only.

The Deluge is available for order on the website at $780 USD.

Units are expected to take around 4 months to arrive from the 25th November.

There are already 12 Deluge units in existence, which have been used to seed working artists.


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