Ableton Export To Live Changes Everything

iOS apps can now turn jams to sessions      26/10/16

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Another cool Ableton function has been announced which allows enabled apps on iOS devices to export your noodles. jams, ideas, directly to Ableton Live to continue working in the box.

The new feature called Live Set Export means that for participating apps carrying on from the seed of an idea you started on your iOS device, you can finish in Live.

Its a great new feature and also means that there's a simple pipeline into Live - we know that getting data out of iOS devices is not the simplest due to the closed system Apple have implemented. Ableton's new feature and SDK, available to developers, hopefully means that this is now a great deal easier.

Currently there are only a few apps that have implemented this: Blocs Wave, TriqTraq, Patterning and Korg iKaossilator and Gadget being the first. But hopefully this will increase quickly.

You will need the latest version of Ableton Live of course (9.7). If you are a developer and are interested, request the SDK here.



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