Spitfire Launch Albion V Tundra- Orchestral Library Which Is Like No Other

US 100 piece orchestra on the edge of silence      13/10/16

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Spitfire's quest for sounds that no one else makes continues with the release of Albion V Tundra- they took a 100 piece orchestra and recorded them performing instructions that were "sounds at the edge of silence" in other words making some pretty unique articulations and tonal moods. In practice this means that they played from MP (messe piano) at the loudest, down to almost inaudible - which created a set of completely unique sounds.

You can run the Spitfire Albion V Tundra Library using the free Kontakt player - you don't need a full version of Kontakt.

Available now at the introductory price of £249 download of around


  • 100 piece orchestra recorded to tape at Air Studios, London
  • 133 multi dynamic orchestral articulations split across Strings, Brass and Woodwind ensembles
  • 38 violins with 32 articulations including 19 longs, 11 shorts and 2 legatos
  • 12 Celli and 6 Basses with 30 articulations including 17 longs, 11 shorts and 2 legatos
  • Brass ensembles with 17 unique articulations for both Mid and Low ensembles
  • Woodwind ensembles with 18 unique articulations for both High and Mid Ensembles
  • Legatos designed by Andrew Blaney
  • All have multimic control with Close, Tree, Outrigger and Ambients
  • Recorded by priceless valve and ribbon mics at the edge of silence
  • Neve Monserrat preamps into a Neve 88R desk
  • Recorded digitally at 96k via 2" Studer tape
There is a huge amount of additional information on the articulations and other included aspects available on the Albion V product page over at Spitfireaudio.com

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