See S U R V I V E's Live Synth Rig

Short video at rehearsals for major US tour      30/09/16

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The Stranger Things soundtrack continues to turn more people on to the concept of a synth band and the musicians behind it are also a live and recording act S U R V I V E. They've been touring and gigging since 2008 and are now on the verge of a major US tour where they will be headlining, according to Kyle Dixon - "We've sold out most of the major cities, which is obviously something that probably wouldn't have happened if we hadn't had the show [Stranger Things],"

Austin's PBR station KUT just posted a short look at some of the gear they will be taking on the road - clearly the band aren't squeamish about taking some old vintage machines on the road. They also rehearse in a garage!

The band also say that the Austen synth scene has really had a boost from the halo effect of the success of Stranger Things - looks like Austen is becoming the US synth band city.

Thanks to Nathan from KUT Austin for sending us this

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