Kraftwerk Tickets Sell Out Fast

But if you've got the cash you can have em!      30/09/16

Kraftwerk Tickets Sell Out Fast

Buying Choices

We didn't get our tickets this morning, they sold out when we were in the middle of the queue, other fans talked of being moved to the back of the queue for inactivity, it seems there just wasn't enough tickets to satisfy the number of fans.

But if like us you we unable to get Kraftwerk tickets this morning fear not, you can still get tickets to the London Roundhouse on However you will have to be willing to pay through the teeth to get them...

The rear stalls are a mere £440 and the front is £610! But if you really want to push the boat and take 12 of your friends then you can the grand tier box for £6600....

Some fans also reacted to the irony of being asked 'if they were a robot' when purchasing their tickets.


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