Whats a Bomebox and Why Would I Need it?

Hardware incarnation of Bome's MIDI Translator      27/09/16

Whats a Bomebox and Why Would I Need it?

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Its been in the making a while now, but the Bomebox is finally here. What the heck is that?

Well those of you who know Bome's MIDI Translator for Mac and PC will be aware that its a very powerful scripting, filtering and routing application. For instance, you can take a MIDI command and execute complex scripts - at a basic level this can be mapping one controller to another, or a MIDI note in of a certain value to execute a complex Sysex string and other commands to any number of connected MIDI ports, both virtual (RTPMidi) and hardware. PoE is also available, meaning you can power the unit via ethernet.

Or perhaps, a MIDI command can communicate directly with the host OS - launching an app or passing single or multiple key commands - we use it extensively in our video studio for using MIDI controllers to run our complex video setup.

The BomeBox is a standalone pice of hardware which features USB, WIFI, Ethernet and hardware MIDI connections, that can run these scripts without the need for a host computer.

For instance, you could have a MIDI controller hooked up to the USB port of the BoneBox, take a control input, send multiple program changes to MIDI hardware via the MIDI out ports, or via Wifi to an iPad running instruments, or FX, perhaps you might have an ethernet capable Mixer such as the Behringer X series, receiving MIDI over ethernet too - you get the idea, and there's no computer in this setup.

The possibilities are actually pretty limitless. True it doesn't have the number of ports that say  iConnect MIDI 4+ does, but it does have the complex scripting, filtering and routing.

Its available now, direct from Bome.com - priced at €199.



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