Could This TipTop Mantis Case Be The Start Of Your Modular Journey?

US Affordable and stylish, Eurorack for all      21/09/16

Could This TipTop Mantis Case Be The Start Of Your Modular Journey?

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TipTop Audio has announced the availability of their new Eurorack Mantis case. The Mantis is two rows of 104HP Eurorack with power supplied by a built in Zuess  24 slot system - with keyed connectors, making it nigh on impossible to fry your modules by putting them in wrong.

Z-Rails are used with Eurorack specified spacing - no more fiddly sliding nuts. Its also got a kick stand system so the Mantis can be desk mounted, 45 and 90 degrees too. Looks stylish and is easily transportable.

Mantis comes in several colours and currently available at an introductory price of $335. Could just be the excuse you have been looking for to get into Eurorack, but there's a lot of space to fill so go easy!

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