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Accusonus Regroover for Mac and Windows aims to extends traditional music sampling      20/09/16

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Accusonus tells us that Regroover is an Artificial-Intelligence beat machine (Virtual Instrument plug-in) that extends traditional music sampling. They say that you can use Regroover to split your grooves and extract previously unreachable sound elements. Here's the gist of what they say it can do in their own words...

Unmix your grooves and reach new sampling frontiers
Grab the live vibe of an isolated hi-hat pattern or extract that punchy snare you always wanted. Regroove your old sound libraries and produce astonishingly-fresh tunes.

Remix your beats to produce outstanding rhythmic foundations

Rearrange the groove's layers and create brand new tempo patterns. Use Regroover's MIDI functionality to create inspirational beat variations and remix them on the spot

Refine your beats and create precisely mixed and texturally varied tempo patterns
Craft the sound of individual sound components and add your favorite effects. Swap kit elements of the original groove with new ones

Explore the A.I. capabilities and extract unique grooves and soundscapes
Play around with the A.I. engine and obtain new, previously unheard sounds. Reveal and capture the underlying micro-rhythms and hidden tempo patterns of each audio clip

Pricing and Availability:
Regroover Essential Intro Price: $79 $99 (special offer valid through 10.10.2016)
Regroover Pro Pre-order Price: $149 $199 (with your pre-order you get a full license of Regroover Essential until Regroover Pro is released)

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