100 Patches For The OB6 Demo'd On Video

GEOSynths Evolution Vol 1 features pads, strings, bass, arpeggios and FX      13/09/16

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GEOSynths has released Evolution Vol 1, a set of 100 patches for the DSI OB6. You can hear them all in the four YouTube videos.

Jamie from GEOsynths told us, "I've spent many hours making these, which cover a lot of Pads, Strings, all of which are programmed with motion in mind.  There are a selection of Bass sounds, melodic arpeggios and fx. With almost 30 years experience using Synthesizers and Recording equipment, Sound Design has become a very important aspect for me.  Making tailored sounds for specific projects, patch banks for certain Synthesizers and Music for Video Production, I'm able to bring a project to life using hardware Synths and FX."

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