909 Day Is Here Keynote Speech Coming Up

Tokyo calling      09/09/16

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In a truly impressive global streaming event,  the first of its kind for musical instrument launches as far as we know - spanning multiple time zones and cities, Roland are starting their Future Redefined, 24 hour streaming event.

As we know, there are going to be over 30 new products, including AIRA, Boutique and other categories.

At the time of writing, this is currently showing prerecorded and promos plus performances from participating acts. We expect that the Keynote speech is about to come online. From our calclulations, its running a little late, but such is the thing with this kind of technology. I hope someone remembered to put enough credit on the 4G cards (joke!)

You can hang in our chat room (the one we use for Sonic TALK) right here if you want to..


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