Mad Russian Drone Synth In Production LYRA-8

People have been going crazy for this      31/08/16

Buying Choices

We talked about the LYRA-8  organismic synth  (you might want to re read that) from SOMA in last week's Sonic TALK, several of our panelists have put their names on the waiting list for this unusual, 8 voice drone/atmospheric synth. It features 8 independent oscillators in two banks of 4, with FM and frequency controls, plus an on board delay and drive circuit. The sounds it makes are not everyone's cup of tea, but we love it.

The LYRA-8 is now in limited production, its just a small company, and there's an email waiting list for the synth which is going to be priced at €500. This news came along with another video demonstrating the LYRA-8 in action as an  FX processor.

If you want to hear more, see the original video which got us all excited.

Check Vlad's youtube channel for information on how to get in touch.


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